Company History
      Our family embarked upon the confectionery business by processing the abundant local produce such as bananas and coconuts into banana and coconut candies. Made by the traditional manual process, the produce was puréed, mixed with sugar, sized into sheets, cut into pieces and then hand-wrapped with cellophane paper.  As our business flourished, machines were introduced to increase the productivity so that we would be able to successfully meet the rising market demand.  Since then, we have continued to develop our candy products not only by incorporating state-of-the-art machines into our production lines but also investing in our research and development department to innovate quality candies with a wide diversity of flavors to satisfy our consumers, most of which have become consumer favorites, especially the milk-flavor soft candy, Cougar, one of the most popular candies in Thailand and many other countries.
      To maximize our competence in the global market, Boon Foods Co., Ltd. along with a new plant was established in 2006 to promote corporate governance and optimize production capacity. The factory is situated in the strategic area and well equipped with cutting-edge machines. Quality management system is applied in every process from the procurement of quality ingredients, product quality control to product delivery, which has accredited our products with international food product quality and safety standards.
    Nowadays Boon Foods still strives for products with uncompromised quality and customer satisfaction. We have added some freeze-dried tropical fruits such as durians, mangoes, and coconuts to create product uniqueness and diversity to fulfill our customer demands and preference. In 2017, an automated snack production line was installed at the plant. “Cougar COUSANT”, our first caramel butter French-styled croissant pastry snack, has successfully attracted demand from customers both in Thailand and other countries.
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